Meghna Suktara

Project Brief

Name: Meghna Suktara

Address: Meghna Suktara, At Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Project details coming soon


Allotments will be made on first come first serve basis. Buyers willing to make full payment at a time will be given preference.

Allotments transfer

Until all installments are fully paid, that buyers shall be made payable to Meghna Real Estate Ltd.


All payment by cheque, bank draft or pay order should be made payable to Meghna Real Estate Ltd.

Company’s Right

The Company reserves the right to accept or reject any application for allotment. The company may change in the design and specifications of the project.

Transfer Cost

The buyer shall bear all cost relating to stamps, Rajuk transfer cost, share transfer cost, registration, legal cost, vat, tax, service charge etc. Time to time imposed by the government, if any.

Incidental cost

Connection fee and other incidental charges relating to gas, water, sewerage and electricity and not included in the price of the apartment.

Ower’s Society

They must undertake to become a member of the owers co-operative society which will be formed by the buyers of the apartments and duly registered under the co-operative society act 1940 for the management of the common service, such as lift, security etc.